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The HomeAware Transmitter HA360SPT Smartphone (Optional Accessory) by Sonic Alert

The HomeAware Transmitter HA360SPT Smartphone (Optional Accessory) by Sonic Alert

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Do you wish to connect your smartphone to the HomeAware System?

 The HomeAware™ provides an input for our unique wireless smartphone module. This optional wireless module will link with any Bluetooth compatible smartphone (Android ® or Apple ®). When your smartphone receives a call or text you'll be alerted through your HomeAware and all remote receivers. The smartphone module links directly with your smartphone to provide a clear direct signal that ensures no false alerts.

Follow the steps below to install and setup the HomeAware Smartphone:

  1. Plug the HomeAware Smartphone module into the back of the HomeAware where it says Cell Phone Detector.
  1. Next, go to your smartphone settings, the Bluetooth settings and turn on.
  1. Look under paired devices for the HomeAware link and select it.
  1. Your smartphone should be paired and ready to connect with the HomeAware the next time the phone rings or receives a text.

 After it is connected, the phone transmitter works to send a smartphone alert such as text, FaceTime, or cell phone call alerts. Each one of these is a smartphone alert. This is done by downloading the HomeAware app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

This app can also keep you aware of any home phone, smoke/CO, or door alerts. This product is an exceptional addition to the HomeAware system, and you would do well to own one yourself.

HA360SPT Key Features

  • Requires the Sonic Alert HomeAware  Main System to operate
  • Please note that only one smartphone can be connected to the HomeAware HA360SPT Smartphone Transmitter at a time
  • Color: White
  • Wight: 0.11 oz
  • One (1) year manufacturer’s warranty
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