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Sonic SS120V Super Shaker Bed Shaker

Sonic SS120V Super Shaker Bed Shaker

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Need a little more shake-shake-shake instead of a light to wake you? Add bed-shaker to your Sonic System Signalers lamp outlets.

Connect the SS120V to the lamp outlet on the DB100 , SA201 or SB1000 and place either under your pillow or between your mattress and box spring and you are all set.

*Use only with Sonic Traditional System Signaler Lamp Outlets*

The Super Shaker from Sonic Alert will alert even a heavy sleeper - simply place bed vibrator under your mattress or pillow and plug it into any specialized wake-up alarm clock. Plugs into a standard electrical outlet.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extra strong vibrations
  • Built-in automatic shut-off
  • Activated by wake-up alarm, or other signaler such as doorbell, telephone, or baby cry signalers
  • UL listed
  • Made in USA
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