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Sonic RH100 Siren Adjustable Remote Horn

Sonic RH100 Siren Adjustable Remote Horn

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Ear-catching sound with an up to 113 dB notification when your Remote Horn is triggered. Connect to other Sonic System Signalers devices using your homes electrical system for easy plug-and-go connection.

Too loud? Not loud enough? Adjust the volume level with a simple twist on the connected adjustment dial. Pair with other Sonic System Signaler devices so that you never miss a guest ringing your doorbell or a call on your landline.

Works with the following Sonic System Signaler devices: SB1000, SB1000SS, DB100, DB100TX, DB200, BC400, and TR75VR


  • From a loud 78-85 decibel low frequency to a high 113 decibels.
  • The adjustable tone ranges from 200-2,000 Hertz.
  • Residential Plug-and-Go Electrical Connection
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Compact Counter-Free Design
  • Notification Specific Patterns 
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