Hearing and Communication in the Workplace

Although the economy is recovering, we are quickly finding that pensions are still drying up, and social security doesn’t cover most expenses. Many Americans are coming out of retirement to meet the demands of the new economy. As seniors find themselves in the precarious position of re-entering the work environment, the experience that comes with age can be a real benefit to a team of up-and-comers. However, in today’s fast-paced workplace, critical information comes at you quicker than ever before. Older eyes and ears can be at a slight disadvantage. Even younger individuals need the tools to be connected at all times, and process information at the speed of thought.

Fortunately, there are plenty of technological wonders that can fill in the gaps, especially when it comes to listening. Wearable Bluetooth devices are becoming more in demand, as we need these items to stream the cloud into our awareness. Think about all of the electronics in your home or office that are connected to the internet. Televisions, phones, smartphones, computers, blu-ray players, video game machines, presentations, all of them are connected to the web, and most of those can be streamed to a personal listening device.

As the internet becomes more embedded into our daily lives, there comes a demand for particular devices that can tap into and pull the information from the cloud around us accurately and efficiently. Innovative technology like theQuattro 4.0 amplified Bluetooth neckloop acts as an all-in-one connector to all of your electronic devices. The removable microphone, besides being a cool James Bond-esque component, can easily pick up conversations in a boardroom or a restaurant.

It’s critical to insure information is retained in a timely matter in a world that moves faster than language. The hearing industry is quickly migrating into a “prosumer” market. Prosumer is industry speak for a combination of professional and consumer, a place where the average citizen can have access to a professional level of technology as the market has progressed into a new territory. Spending $300 instead of $3000 on hearing devices is a real benefit to all involved. Managers providing listening devices to employees that need them is a great office morale booster and a benefit to productivity.

Written by Michael William Foster for ClearSounds.

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