ClearSounds Showcases New Speech-Enhancing Listening Devices at 2012 CES

ClearSounds Showcases New Speech-Enhancing Listening Devices at 2012 CES

Products for Home and Work Boosted by Aphex Technology will be Demoed in Booth Assistive Listening Devices Will Serve the 1 in 5 Americans Who Have Hearing Loss

Naperville, IL – ClearSounds, the leading developer of highly advanced listening devices for the home, office, and on the road, announced today it will showcase and demo several new products at 2012 International CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, in Las Vegas, January 10-13, 2012.

One in five Americans has hearing loss, according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in November. The study found that 20% of Americans above the age of 12 experience hearing loss in at least one ear, and nearly 13% suffered hearing loss in both ears. Because hearing loss could eventually lead to bigger challenges, such as developing dementia or social isolation, meeting the needs of those that currently live with diminished hearing, so they can avoid additional affects on wellbeing and overcome stigma, is an urgent issue as our elderly population grows.

“These new ClearSounds assistive listening devices will better meet the lifestyle needs of those who have diminished hearing, but are also advanced communication tools for everyone seeking a better speech sound quality in their audio devices,” said Michele Ahlman, President, ClearSounds Communications. “That is why we emphasize it as ‘listening’ instead of ‘hearing’ capabilities; it is not about making it louder, it is about refining the sound quality of speech to ultimately make the speech more understandable.”

The ClearSounds products to debut at CES 2012 are:
  • Clear Blue Bluetooth TV/Audio Listening System provides the solution to listening to a TV, audio and cellular devices wirelessly, while delivering high-fidelity sound. It allows both hearing-impaired viewers and others to hear TV programs clearly and without distortion, while keeping the volume at moderate levels. The ClearBlue headset pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device and can be connected to a cell phone, iPod and iPad. When pairing the ClearBlue headset with a Bluetooth-enabled audio device, users can transition from listening to music, to take a mobile call with the push of a button. The music will pause or TV program will mute while on the call, and will resume after it is hung up.
  • BTS001 ClearBlue Mini-Speaker is a personal wireless speaker for listening to music, TV and as a hands-free 2-way speakerphone for cellular devices. It enables a user to wirelessly stream music from any compatible stereo Bluetooth device such as a mobile phone, notebook, iPhone or iPad. The ClearBlue speaker brings the sound closer to the listener, reducing the signal-to-noise ratio, offering a refined, clear listening experience. Battery-operated, ClearBlue is perfect for travel and provides 15 hours of non-stop use.
  • ICreation iPhone Dock & DECT Cordless Phone is a patented hybrid technology that gives a choice between using a cellular line or PSTN (public switched telephone network line) for incoming and outgoing calls. With high-definition sound processing, variable ring tones (there is a selection of several polyphonic and monophonic ones) it allows the user to distinguish whether an incoming call is from a cellular or PSTN line. It also features high-definition sound processing, Bluetooth connection, hands-free speakerphone and reduced cell phone radiation.The high-definition color display offers adjustable contrast. The VIP option enables picture ID as a call display for all phone contacts. Handsets also act as intercoms.
  • ClearSounds A1600 Amplified Cordless Phone System, now with speech clarity enhancing Aphex technology, is the next generation of this digital, amplified cordless telephone. With a base speakerphone, cordless handset and built-in answering machine, it also features an oversized, back-lit keypad and eight photo memory dial buttons for easy use. It has a bright, visual ringer on the base and handset, talking caller ID (which speaks the name and number of the caller), talking phonebook and talking keypad. The digital answering machine has 15 minutes of recording time, a call screening intercept that allows the listener to hear caller messages as they are being recorded, and an adjustable message playback speed. Additional features include a one-touch emergency dial button in the base, a jack for an optional vibrating pad that offers silent ring signaling, a vibrating headset ringer, and multiple language supports on the base and handset.

The ClearSounds A1600 Amplified Cordless Phone System boasts Aphex technology. Aphex’s licensed powerful audio enhancement technology refines sounds quality unlike any other technology or equalizer, improving speech intelligibility in communications. The human ear boosts frequencies between 1 kHz and 4 kHz. These specific frequencies correspond to the part of speech that is linked to comprehension, and speech intelligibility is dependent upon consonant recognition. Consonants have percussive leading edges. The Aphex technology component accentuates those percussive edges on consonants with its patented harmonics generation process, thereby increasing the clarity of consonants. The human auditory system responds positively to Aphex harmonics enhancement – better than to an equalizer – because the consonants’ edges are only slightly enhanced at these frequencies (harmonically) unlike a broad brush equalization treatment that can degrade factors in speech intelligibility. Aphex technology is the only one of its kind that has been scientifically tested and proven to improve clarity of speech and increase understanding. ClearSounds has brought Aphex technology into several of its new products as speech intelligibility is critical for spoken communication devices, such as phones, intercoms, televisions, radios, and computer sound systems. The Aphex technology will be demonstrated at the ClearSounds booth throughout the CES 2012 exhibit hours.

ClearSounds will exhibit at CES at booth North Hall 3106. For more information about ClearSounds at CES, visit the ClearSounds CES page at

HITEC Group and ClearSounds Communications

Founded in 1984, HITEC Group is a family-owned business that specializes in the distribution of products that change the lives of people with hearing and vision loss. HITEC Group developed and manufactured several private label products under its brand. In 2004, ClearSounds Communications was incorporated as a separate company to launch and expand its signature line of telecommunication products that combined functionality with style and versatility. ClearSounds Communications is the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge assistive listening devices and amplified communication products for individuals experiencing mild-to-moderate hearing loss. These products include corded and cordless phones, Bluetooth headsets, neckloops, signalers, clocks, and television listening devices.

ClearSounds and ClearBlue are registered trademarks of ClearSounds Communications, Inc. All other brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective holders

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