ClearSounds Products Worth Remembering

ClearSounds Products Worth Remembering

Regular Communication Helps Exercise The Mind


Burr Ridge, IL. – As most people age, they may begin to notice lapses in memory such as where the car keys are or when the next doctor’s appointment is. This sort of normal forgetfulness won’t necessarily affect a person’s lifestyle, but it is annoying at the least.

Memory experts recommend various strategies to help compensate for memory loss and those include lifelong learning. Just as physical exercise keeps the body in shape, mental exercise helps keep the mind in shape. Socialization, including regular communication with friends and family, is part of that learning equation.

ClearSounds, a market leader in products for better hearing, will be at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show to demonstrate its new, pioneering line of audio & speech enhancing products, such as Bluetooth enabled amplified cordless phones, personal amplified Bluetooth streamers that encourage and improve communication and listening experiences.

“Nothing makes people feel more disconnected than being left out of a conversation,” says Michele Ahlman, president of ClearSounds Communications. “And the more disconnected you feel, the more prone you are to just quit trying.”

“People who don’t have social contact with family and friends are at higher risk for memory problems than people who have strong social ties,” according to, a non-profit mental health and lifestyle resource. “Social interaction helps brain function in several ways: it often involves activity that challenges the mind, and it helps ward off stress and depression.”

In a study of more than 800 older adults (age 80+) in the Chicago area, researchers at Rush University Medical Center asked participants about various aspects of their social activity, e.g. whether they thought they had enough friends and whether they felt a sense of emptiness.

Over the course of the four-year study, 76 people developed Alzheimer’s disease, and those who did were more likely to have little social interaction. In other words, the loneliest 10 percent were at double the risk for Alzheimer’s than the least lonely 10 percent.

ClearSounds products can help motivate those with hearing loss to stay in the game of life. It’s new A1600BT, for example, is a Bluetooth enabled, sound enhanced talking telephone, with talking called ID, that allows you to pair your cell phone and take both landline and cellular calls from the amplified cordless handset.  The A1600BT is featured by prominent retailers such as Frontgate.

ClearSounds understands that many aging “Boomers,” whose first wave has crossed age 60, are accustomed to being active and involved, but are hesitant to correct hearing loss because they don’t want to compromise their lifestyle. ClearSounds phones look terrific and work like any other phones, but provide the user with adjustments in both volume and tone. This is similar to the concept behind hearing aids and high-fidelity sounds systems that have separate bass and treble controls that improve the individual listening experience.

“We’re social creatures,” Ahlman says. “So it stands to reason that if we socialize and communicate, we’ll help ourselves stay sharper, longer. There’s no panacea out there than can prevent Alzheimer’s or debilitating memory loss, but there are ways to help delay the onset.  We are dedicated to helping those who need and want to socialize and communicate maintain their healthy lifestyle.”

Sleek, stylish and fun to use, ClearSounds products even appeal to kids, who want them “just because they look so cool,” Ahlman says. “And, kids and adults alike appreciate that we are developing products with the environment in mind as well.”

Surveys have revealed that most people want appliances they purchase for their homes to be environmentally friendly. Those age 45+ consistently rate that aspect higher than their younger counterparts, and are willing to pay higher prices to have it.

All  ClearSounds products are ROHS compliant, which means they are produced through an environmentally friendly process that reduces the amount of lead and other toxic materials used in the phones.



ClearSounds Communications, Inc. (Naperville, IL) is a privately held company that prides itself in providing high-quality sound enhanced and high dB gain products for the boomer, senior and caregivers market.  As a leading provider of niche telephone and communication products, ClearSounds is the leading manufacturer and distributor of ClearSounds branded products including amplified phones, signaling devices, TV listening systems, clocks, audio accessories and cellular products.  ClearSounds is known for its commitment to quality, service, relationships and understanding the consumer’s needs. For more information, visit

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