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CaptionCall CaptionCall Life is Calling

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CaptionCall® is a revolutionary new telephone and service for anyone who has trouble hearing on the phone. While hearing loss affects millions of people for many different reasons – age, illness, injury, loud working conditions, and military service among them – it doesn’t have to limit the quality of their phone conversations. With CaptionCall, it’s easy to communicate confidently with friends, family and Colleagues.

CaptionCall is a 40dB amplified telephone for people with hearing loss that displays captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read touchscreen. CAPTIONCALL IS AVAILABLE FOR THE U.S. ONLY.



(Order includes FREE delivery, FREE installation assistance, FREE captioning (funded by the FCC)


Offer expires soon


CLICK HERE – to order yours today (make sure to use HS2202 coupon code at checkout and save $74.00)


Please note: You will be taken to the CaptionCall website to complete your order. Contact CaptionCall with any questions regarding the CaptionCall Phone or Service.

Product Features

  • This state-of-the-art yet surprisingly simple corded telephone empowers you to communicate more confidently with friends, family or co-workers. With the CaptionCall phone, you'll enjoy
  • Amplification - customize the CaptionCall phone to boost the frequencies where you have the greatest hearing loss, plus amplification control of the handset and ringer
  •      Familiarity - dial and receive calls just like you always have
  • Large text - 7" display screen with adjustable text makes it easy to read every word of every call
  • Location flexibility - setup your phone anywhere in your home with wired or wireless Internet connection
  • Elegant design: the CaptionCall phone is a sleek, state-of-the-art touchscreen phone that you'll want to show off
  • One-touch dialing: dial frequently called numbers or Customer Support with a single touch
  • Photo phone book: store phone numbers and Caller ID photos for up to 200 people
  • Customizable audio: easily adjust ringer or handset volume and frequency to your liking
  • Telecoil loop connection: for hearing aids with a telecoil option
  • Advanced capabilities: get even more from your phone with additional web-based tools and features

CaptionCall Service

View free, nearly instant captions of what your callers are saying on the large, easy-to-read display screen of your CaptionCall Phone. With the CaptionCall Service, you get captioning that is:

Free: no new bills and no monthly charges; captioning is fully funded by the FCC

Automatic: no need to dial through the Captioning Service

Secure: safe, encrypted, FCC-regulated transcription 


How CaptionCall Service works

You hear your caller's voice over a standard phone line. The CaptionCall Phone sends their voice to the CaptionCall Service, which quickly converts words to text. The text is displayed on the screen of your CaptionCall Phone.


CaptionCall Support

Enjoy ongoing CaptionCall Support - so you never have to worry about phone maintenance issues or mounting service fees.
CaptionCall Support includes:

  • Shipping and handling for your CaptionCall Phone

  • Account setup assistance if needed

  • Installation assistance if needed

  • Friendly customer support for your CaptionCall Phone and Service

Satisfaction Guarantee

CaptionCall comes with a six-month, risk-free Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the CaptionCall solution, just return your Caption Call Phone.

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