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Signaling Systems : Telephone, Door, Sound: Sonic Alert Telephone, Doorbell, Sound Signalers and Receivers
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Sonic Alert Sonic Sitter Baby Cry Monitor

BC400 Sonic Sitter Baby Cry Monitor
The Sonic Sitter, model BC400 is a small, attractive unit that immediately alerts you when your baby starts crying.

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Sonic Alert Sonic Blink BL300 Remote Receiver

BL300 Sonic Blink Remote Receiver
A compact receiver which features a built-in, high intensity strobe alert that projects light a full 360 degrees, completely eliminating blind spots.

All you have to do is plug it in and it ready to use with most Sonic Alert Signalers.

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Sonic Alert DB100T Wireless Doorbell Transmitter/Sensor

DB100TM Wireless Doorbell Transmitter/Sensor
Extra Doorbell Sensor for DB100 and DB200

Requires no wires and can be installed in seconds.

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Sonic Alert Sonic Deluxe Wireless Doorbell & Phone Signaler

DB200 Sonic Deluxe Wireless Doorbell & Phone Signaler
Have you ever missed hearing someone at the door? That’s easy to do if you have a hearing loss and your doorbell is in a frequency that’s no longer in your range.

If you have trouble hearing the telephone ring, you can also use a device like the DB 200 to be a telephone signaler by plugging the phone cord into a modular telephone jack.

Sonic Alert DB200 Combination Doorbell/Telephone Wireless Signaler - Alerts you when someone comes to visit or calls.

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Sonic Alert Sonic Horn RH100 Remote Receiver

RH100 Sonic Horn Remote Receiver
Designed for anyone who would prefer to have an audible instead of a visual alerting system.

A horn with adjustable tone and volume

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Sonic alert Sonic Informer SA101 Remote Receiver

SA101 Sonic Informer Remote Receiver
The Sonic Informer SA101 remote receiver will alert you when it receives a signal from most of the Sonic Alert's doorbell, telephone, baby cry signalers featured in our web site as well as the Universal Sound Signaler.

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Sonic Alert Sonic Link SA201 Remote Receiver

SA201 Sonic Link Remote Receiver
The Sonic Link SA201 with its sleek, modern case will alert you by flashing any lamp that is plugged into its Pluglet (Plug-outlet). This pluglet allows you to keep your table uncluttered by unsightly lamp cords.

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Sonic Alert 120 Volt Super Shaker

Sonic 120 Volt Super Shaker
Activated by wake-up alarm, or other signaler such as doorbell, telephone, or baby cry signalers.

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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock / Receiver with Super Bed Shaker

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock / Receiver with Super Bed Shaker
If you are like most people and have trouble getting up in the morning, then you may want to check out this Alarm Clock.

One of the most popular Alarms Clocks we sell!

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Sonic Alert TR50 Telephone Signaler

TR50 Sonic Ring Jr Telephone Signaler - Single Room Use
Signals you when the telephone rings.

Ideal for studio apartments, hotel and dorm rooms that will only need one light for signaling.

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